Typical interview questions: Some useful tips

Where do you see yourself in five years? This is your chance to articulate your career aspirations and relate them to the industry and company you are interviewing for. Research the common career path for your chosen sector, thinking about the relevant skills and qualities you have that could be enhanced and developed within the […]

These Are The Questions That Candidates Should Be Asking In An Interview

Often is the case that we view the interview process from the wrong perspective. Cue a heady mix of excitement and nervousness, often underpinned by standard interview preparation that includes researching the firm, along with the person who will be conducting the interview. However, instead of letting the interview nerves get to you, and perceiving […]

Downloadable job search tracker

Managing a job search can feel like a job in itself. That’s why we’ve created a simple, easy to use, downloadable and free job search tracker to help you stay on top of your applications, interviews and – fingers crossed – job offers! Working with a recruitment agency, like ourselves, will help to make your job […]

CV Tips

Your CV is likely to be the first chance to make an impression on potential employers, so it’s vital yours is a good one. Over the years Anne Corder Recruitment has offered a great deal of CV advice, which is why we have put together all of our CV tips onto one handy resource page […]

Benefits of using a recruitment agency

Looking for a job is a full-time job in itself. Trawling through job vacancies, tailoring your CV, writing cover letters, filling out application forms, phone interviews, face-to-face interviews…there’s a lot to do. That’s where a recruitment agency can help. Not only helping you to manage the ‘workload’ of a job hunt, the benefits of a […]

Excel Flexi-Time Calculator: Make sure you keep track of flexible working hours

We all know that the laws and expectations surrounding flexible working are changing dramatically since the pandemic. And we know, from a show of hands at our employment law seminar, that some businesses are inundated with requests for working hours to change and flexible working to be considered. For HR managers, especially in smaller businesses, […]

Staff Appraisal Form: Free Download

Staff appraisals are a vital tool for line managers and HR departments. If they’re done well, appraisals prove invaluable to both employers and employees. Appraisals are an opportunity to identify training needs and areas for personal and professional growth, realigning career paths. That’s why we’ve produced an appraisal toolkit, complete with staff appraisal forms and […]

A Guide to Interview Techniques for Employers

You and your colleagues are sitting opposite a candidate who has stood out through your recruitment agency’s checks and the initial ‘CV sifts’. But now you’re at the interview stage how do you decide if they really are right for the job? …With targeted interview techniques and questions of course. It’s the old HR saying […]

Anatomy of the Perfect Employer

As societal trends, values and outlook change with the ebb and flow of generations, so do the wants and needs of the workforce. Google has a lot to answer for when it comes to trendy, enviable office spaces and perks, but is this really what attracts and retains top candidates? The main reason people work […]