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Your CV is likely to be the first chance to make an impression on potential employers, so it’s vital yours is a good one. Over the years Anne Corder Recruitment has offered a great deal of CV advice, which is why we have put together all of our CV tips onto one handy resource page for you here. 

From CV writing tips to personal statement tips, we want you to feel confident and assured that your application is perfectly polished, getting you through to the interview stage. If you need any further assistance with an application with us, we are always here to offer advice – just get in touch to discuss further.

These articles will take you from the very first steps of creating your CV and what is required, right through to making creative and stand-out CVs that really shout about your skills, expertise and personality.

What should a CV and personal statement include?

Writing a CV is a fine art and getting started is the hardest part, which is why we have a wealth of useful CV preparation tips, including a handy CV template, available to download here.

Within this article, you’ll also find a neat list of things you should consider when composing your CV, such as, ‘Explain gaps in your job history – whether it was to bring up children, take a gap year or as a result of redundancy’.  Read the entire blog below.

CV writing Dos and Don’ts

A CV can either be a triumph, or it can be a failure – here we explore the basics ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ from the experts.

When writing a CV, it is very easy to make the most common mistake – embellishing your CV. The desire to impress is an understandable one, but:

  • don’t claim to have a degree if you don’t have one
  • don’t claim to have a better degree than you have
  • don’t fill in missing gaps with jobs you haven’t had; and
  • don’t promote yourself in previous job titles.

Employers are becoming more savvy about checking CVs. It is now not uncommon for new employers to ring previous employers, call colleges or search online. So, while it can seem an obvious thing to say, please resist the urge to embellish a CV with more experience or skills than you can account for.

A few tips to make sure your CV makes the right impression with recruiters:

  • proofread your CV and triple check for any spelling or grammatical errors
  • use bullet points to list your skills and experience
  • include a clear personal statement
  • and always clearly state your location and whether you are intending to relocate.

Creating a Standout CV

What really makes a standout CV now that it contains the right information?

At Anne Corder Recruitment, we love nothing more than to help you get your CV polished and ready. We understand what it is like for our candidates to try and shine within a competitive job market, which is why we want to give you the right tools.

An often neglected, but extremely important aspect of a CV are the numbers you choose to include. That’s right, we’re talking data and how you can use numbers to be precise with what you have achieved in your work history. Whether that is budgets you’ve managed or a timescale for a project you worked on.

If you need any more advice putting together your CV, please get in touch with our team.



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Alex Smith

Recruitment Specialist

I’ve worked in recruitment for the same agency for over 12 years, covering finance, office support, construction, and engineering. Temp and perm. Previously, my line of work was within banking and estate agency.
Favourite food: “Curry (Hot)”
Favourite film: “Heat”

Outside of work

“Gym 5 days a week. Home life consists mostly of entertaining a 3 year old! (for clarification – my son)”

Alex on ACR

“Very refreshing to work for a recruitment agency that genuinely care for their candidates and clients”

T: 01733 235298

Sarah-Jane Bond

Recruitment Specialist

I have spent the majority of my career working in Operational and Project Management roles. I first worked with ACR about 25 years ago as a candidate. ACR secured me a role at RNIB, where I stayed for 15 years, finishing as Head of Operations. Recruitment has always been a big part of the roles I have undertaken and is something that I really enjoy. When you match a fantastic candidate with the right client there is no better feeling!
Favourite food: “Has to be any dish from the Mediterranean”
Favourite film: “There are many, love a chick flick, especially ‘The Holiday at Christmas”

Outside of work

“I love socialising with friends, can always squeeze a bit of retail therapy in around volunteering at Deeping Rangers FC, running their hospitality on match days.”

Sarah-Jane on ACR

“I couldn’t have been more delighted when Nel asked me to join the company and have felt at home since day one. They really do care about providing the best service for their clients and candidates, building genuine relationships with both. The team culture is second to none, everyone supporting and looking out for each other. It is a pleasure to come to work every day.”

T: 01733 235298

Emily Roach

Recruitment Specialist

Emily was a Primary School Teacher for 10 years, before moving into the EdTech space, as a Relationship Specialist for MATs. She joined ACR in July 2023 and particularly thrives when recruiting for Account Management, Customer Service and Sales roles.
Favourite food:
“Spag bol or pizza”
Favourite film:
“The Notebook – or any romantic chick flick really!”
Outside of work
“I have a 1-year-old, so love fun family weekends with my fiancé and son more than anything. Time socialising with friends and family is where I’m happiest.”
Emily on ACR
“The unique culture, values, and style at ACR is polar opposite to other recruitment agencies and what I believed recruitment was. Having previously been a Relationship Specialist, I feel I’m doing the same thing! No hard sell, we truly care about our candidates and clients, and the team culture is 2nd to none!”
T: 01733 235298

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